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Welding Electrodes

  • Welding Electrodes 7014

    Welding Electrodes 7014

    E7014 is an iron powder titanium oxide type electrode electrode.
    AC and DC can be used for all-position welding, and the deposition efficiency is about 110%.
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  • Welding Electrodes Used For Carbon Steel AWS E6011

    Welding Electrodes Used For Carbon Steel AWS E6011

    WH·J506 is a kind of electrode with low-hydrogen potassium type coating. AC/DC+. All-position welding.
    Soft stable arc, good fluidity and removability of slag, smooth appearance .
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  • Welding Electrodes For Cast Iron AWS ECI

    Welding Electrodes For Cast Iron AWS ECI

    ECI is a cast iron welding rod with low carbon steel core and strong graphitized coating. It is used for both AC and DC. The weld can become gray cast iron when it is slowly cooled,but the crack resistance is poor.Read More

  • Welding Electrodes Used For Mild Steel

    Welding Electrodes Used For Mild Steel

    E7024 is a titanium-type iron powder gravity welded carbon steel electrode.
    The performance of this electrode is the same as that of E7014, and the deposition efficiency is about 150%.
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  • Welding Electrode 7016

    Welding Electrode 7016

    Carbon Steel Welding Electrode / Graphite Electrode is a kind of carbon steel electrode.
    The solder is a low-hydrogen iron powder type electrode that produces high quality X-ray welds.
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  • Welding Electrodes Used For Stainless Steel

    Welding Electrodes Used For Stainless Steel

    AWS E316L-16 is a lime titanium type ultralow carbon electrode for stainless steel.Both AC and DC can be
    applied.The weld seam metal shows excellent mechanical properties and has good resistibility to interguanular.
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  • Welding Electrodes For Aluminum

    Welding Electrodes For Aluminum

    All the surfaces of welding material are smooth and clean.The welding wires are labeled with production
    number and date and source materials are kept for investigation.
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  • Welding Electrodes 308l

    Welding Electrodes 308l

    AWS E308L-16 is a line titanium type welding electrode for extra-low carbon stainless steel.
    The weld metal has excellent mechanical properties and shows good resistance to intergranular corrosion due to
    the carbon content in it is≤.0.04%.
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  • Welding Electrodes Stainless Steel

    Welding Electrodes Stainless Steel

    AWS E312-16 is a Cr29Ni9 duplex stainless steel electrode with titanium calcium type coating.
    Both AC and DC are applied and welding process performance is good.
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  • Welding Electrodes 6013

    Welding Electrodes 6013

    E6013 is a TiO2 type carbon steel electrode.
    It is used for both AC and DC.
    It has small splash and beautiful appearance, and then the arc is used.
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  • Welding Electrode 4043

    Welding Electrode 4043

    ER4043 is a versatile aluminum silicon welding wire. Deposited metal has a good resistance to
    thermal cracking and also to ensure a certain degree of mechanical properties. However, in the
    case of anodizing, the weld metal and the base metal have different colors.
    Welding can produce brittle Mg2Si in the...
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  • Ss 316l Welding Electrodes

    Ss 316l Welding Electrodes

    A.AWS E316-16 deposited metal is a stable austenite structure containing 18Cr-12Ni-2Mo.
    Due to the Mo element content in it,it shows excellent properties in resisting corrosion
    of acetic acid,sulphuric acid,phosphate acid as well as salt,and has good high temperature
    crack-resistance. B.Both AC and DC can be...
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