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Welding Electrodes

  • Welding Electrodes Low Hydrogen 7018

    Welding Electrodes Low Hydrogen 7018

    E7018 is a kind of carbon steel electrode with titania type coating. AC/DC. All-position welding. It has excellent welding performance, excellent operating performance, easy reignition, stable arc and beautiful appearance of weld.Read More

  • E309-16 Stainless Steel Electrode

    E309-16 Stainless Steel Electrode

    AWS E309L-16 is a lime titanium type ultralow carbon for stainless steel.Both AC and DC can be applied.The weld seam metal contains low carbon and it has excellent mechanical properties and shows good resistance to intergranular corrosion.Read More

  • E317l-16


    E317L-16 is an ultra-low carbon Cr18Ni12Mo3 stainless steel electrode with titanium-calcium type coating. Its deposited metal has a carbon content of ≤0.04%.Read More

  • e310-16 electrode

    e310-16 electrode

    E310-16 is a Cr26Ni21 pure austenitic stainless steel electrode of titanium calcium type coating. AC and DC. It is for good performanceRead More

  • Stainless Steel Electrode E312-16

    Stainless Steel Electrode E312-16

    AF312-16 is a Cr29Ni9 duplex stainless steel electrode of titanium calcium type coating. AC and DCRead More

  • Brass Wire RBCuZn-A

    Brass Wire RBCuZn-A

    RBCuZn-A is a brass wire containing a small amount of tin. Melting point of about 900℃, molten metal has good fluidity, certain strength and corrosion.Read More

  • 1/16 Welding Electrodes

    1/16 Welding Electrodes

    According to the diameters of welding elecreodes, welding electrodes have many types, the thinner one is 1/16, also 1.6mm, many welding electrodes have this type.Producting this type need higher precision of machine,so this diameter electrodes is more expensive than other diameters.Read More

  • Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire ER 5356

    Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire ER 5356

    All the surfaces of welding material are smooth and clean.The welding wires are labeled with production number
    and date and source materials are kept for investigation.
    Mainly applied to the industry of shipbuilding, offshore facilities, pressure vessel, railway, and automotive.
    Read More

  • Tungsten Electrode For Tig Welding WT20

    Tungsten Electrode For Tig Welding WT20

    We have generally all types of tungsten electrodes for TIG welding, such as ce - w electrode , law electrode , th - w electrode , zr - w electrode , yt - w electrode , pure tungsten electrode , w-rex electrodes, the workingper formance is good and price is competitive, we accept sample before cooperation. Below taking the...Read More

  • E307 16 Stainless Steel Welding Electrode

    E307 16 Stainless Steel Welding Electrode

    E307-16 is a titanium-calcium type stainless steel electrode. AC and DC, deposited metal has excellent crack resistance.
    Suitable for ASTM307 steel and other dissimilar steel welding, but also for impact corrosion resistant steel and transition layer surfacing, such as high manganese steel, hardened steel.
    Read More

  • Welding Electrodes For Low Alloy Steel

    Welding Electrodes For Low Alloy Steel

    Low alloy steel electrode is low hydrogen iron powder type,low alloy welding rod, For Welding of Low Alloy
    Steels Structure of Same Grade.
    Read More

  • Welding Electrodes Low Hydrogen AWS E7018

    Welding Electrodes Low Hydrogen AWS E7018

    Carbon steel welding rod E7018 is a mild-steel, all-position, general purpose cellulose-base rod. It operates on
    AC or DC welding current and works well on low voltage AC machines. Welding rod E7018 is an excellent choice where
    there is poor fit-up in the joint.
    Read More

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