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China's First Rail End Face Grinding Machine Put Into Production To Improve Rail Welding Efficiency
- Dec 17, 2018 -

China's first rail end face grinding machine put into production to improve rail welding efficiency

       On the 19th, the first rail end face grinding machine in China was put into trial at the Huanglongshan welding track base of the Kunming Railway Bureau, fulfilling the “beauty” duty of the rail. The use of the machine will greatly reduce the risk of workers grinding and improve the quality of railway rails.

       This rail end face grinding machine was developed by Kunming Huanglongshan Welding Rail Base and Kunming Yangshuo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., and started development in June 2012. During the period, R & D personnel have overcome many problems such as process quality, equipment matching, difficult control system selection, etc., and successfully produced off-line debugging in recent days.

       This rail end face grinding machine is automatically controlled by the standard CNC system of the machine tool. After manual fine-tuning and alignment, only one key operation is required, and the grinding wheel continuously grinds the end face of the rail vertically and vertically at a speed of 1400 rpm. After 90 seconds of operation, the end face of the rail can be rusted and cleaned to 100%, and the verticality is in accordance with the long rail welding conditions.

       According to the Kunming Railway Bureau, the Huanglongshan welding track base is responsible for the welding of the rails used in the Yunnan Railway, and is responsible for the rail supply of some sections of the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway. The use of the rail end face grinding machine will change the safety risk of manual grinding and the quality of grinding is not high. The drawbacks are greatly improved the efficiency and quality of rail welding.


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