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What is stainless steel electrode and the types of stainless steel electrodes
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The information of stainless steel electrode

       Performance of stainless steel electrode

         In addition to the general welding process performance and the mechanical properties of the welded joints, the stainless steel welding rods must also ensure that the welded joints can meet certain corrosion resistance requirements. For the coating and the core, the following requirements are usually considered:

         1) Transitioning various alloying elements through the core and the coating to make the weld metal contain a certain amount of austenite and ferrite structure to ensure that the weld metal has good crack resistance and good resistance. The ability of the corresponding medium to corrode.

         2) Through the welding core or the coating, a certain amount of carbide forming elements (such as bismuth, molybdenum, titanium, etc.) can be infiltrated into the weld metal to form stable carbides with carbon to prevent carbonization of chromium at the grain boundary. Object.

         3) The increase of carbon will cause intergranular corrosion in the weld of austenitic stainless steel (or ferritic stainless steel), so the carbon content in the core and the raw material of the coating should be strictly controlled. It is recommended to use low carbon or super. A low-carbon core that uses low-carbon or carbon-free iron alloys and metal elements as raw materials for the coating.

         4) Strictly control the sulfur and phosphorus content in the stainless steel core and the coating to reduce the risk of hot cracks in the weld.

Types of stainless steel electrodes


AWS E308-16AWS E308L-16
AWS E316-16AWS E316L-16
AWS E347-16AWS E309-16
AWS E309L-16AWS E309Mo-16
AWS E310-16AWS E309MoL-16

AWS E410-16

AWS E320-16
AWS E318-16AWS E316-15

AWS E308-15

AWS E310Mo-16

Pictures show

308 (1)

E308L (1)


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